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Many students would like to take on jobs in the summer holiday but as the opportunities offered to them are few, there is a fight going on for summer jobs.

Student work has been steadily popular in Debrecen for years. The most common jobs for students are cleaning, hostessing, light physical work and waiting. 15-year-olds can work but only with written parental consent and outside working hours. 16-years-olds can work independently.

Student workers must have TAJ-cards and they must present their ID cards, too. Some of the student cooperations require certificates of school attendance, contributions of a few hundred forints, tax cards and bank account numbers from the job seekers. Even foreign students can work, on very similar conditions.

Registering at a student cooperation, however, is no guarantee for job acquisition. “In summer, much more students want to work but the job opportunities don’t increase significantly. So we can say the demand for work is much bigger than the demand for workers. It’s not easy to find a good job for young people, let alone a good job.” – Tamás Gulyás, managing director of Campus Work Iskolaszövetkezet explained.

The average wage of a student worker is 535 HUF per hour. In case a job requires foreign language and/or information technology skills, a worker might get 1200-1300 HUF per hour.

In Debrecen, you can register at the following student cooperations if you intend to find a summer job:

Fürge Diák Iskolaszövetkezet, 69 Piac utca, Debrecen

Meló-Diák Debrecen, 1 Egyetem tér, Debrecen

JOKER-DIÁK Iskolai Szövetkezet, 1-7 Péterfia utca, Debrecen

Mind-Diák Szövetkezet, 25 Péterfia utca, Debrecen

Schönherz Iskolaszövetkezet, 42 Csapó utca, Debrecen

Campus Work Iskolaszövetkezet, 138 Böszörményi út, Debrecen


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