Fast and furious cigarette smuggler

Local News

A cigarette smuggler tried to escape from the police for more than 50 kilometers on highway M3.

The associates of the National Tax and Custom Administration wanted to check a car with an Italian number plate at a resting place on highway M3 but instead of stopping, the car speeded up and drove on towards Budapest. The finance officers started to chase the car and notified the associates of the Borsod- Abaúj-Zemplén County Police Department who went out to stop the car at the 140 km section of the highway. However, the driver bypassed the police vehicle and continued his wild escape, dashing many times against the road barrier along the highway and the police car going parallel to him. Finally, he left the highway, entered a small settlement and, turning into a street, ran into the fence of a property with high speed. The driver jumped out of the car, climbed over the fence and fled the scene. The police started to search for him with large forces but haven’t found him so far. In the vehicle he left behind, 12.530 packets of cigarettes without any tax stamps were found. The illegal load is worth more than 7 million forints.

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