Remembrance of the Treaty of Trianon

Local News

The Treaty of Trianon, which ended the First World War, was signed 92 years ago, on 4 June, 1920. Under the terms of the treaty, two-thirds of the historic Hungary’s territory and half of its population went to neighboring countries. The communist regime was totally silent about the tragedy, in 2010, however, the parliament declared 4 June the day of national belonging.The local government organizes an enwreathing ceremony at the Statue of Hungarian Pain in Bem square, at 6:00 pm. on Monday.

And in the Eve of the anniversary (i.e. on Sunday), the Debreceni Városvédő és -szépítő Egyesület (a civil organization aiming to protect and prettify the city) holds a torchlight procession from the main building of the university starting at 7:15 pm.

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