Debrecen -the third most livable city in Hungary

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Based on their sustainable development, 143 Hungarian settlements having more than 10 thousand inhabitants (with the exception of Budapest) have been compared. Debrecen finished 3rd in the ranking.

Executive Director of CSR Hungary Júlia Takács, promoter of this initiative said that on visiting different places in Hungary, one finds that some settlements have developed a lot in recent years while in others almost no improvement has taken place in the last 20 years. Therefore, in order to stimulate development in certain places, Júlia Takács and her companions have made a top-10 list of those settlements that can be considered examples in this regard. The settlements were ranked on the basis of points received in two major categories: environmental and social sustainability. The surveyors compared data from the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, ongoing and planned developments, and personal experience of visiting the towns and cities in question.

The title of the most livable city went to Szolnok; Zalaegerszeg is the second in the ranking, while Debrecen is the third.


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