EU project delayed

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Within the framework of an EU project, eight kindergartens and two primary schools of Debrecen would get solar energy systems. Unfortunately, the project seems to be delayed. The National Development Agency called the tender two years ago. The project has got a 101 million HUF’s worth subsidy and  would need another 67.3 million HUF (40 percents) own resource.

The local government of Debrecen has requested the deferment of paying the own resource so it will charge next year’s budget of the city.

Solar energy power system would be built in the following kindergartens and schools: Görgey Street Kindergarten, Lehel Street Kindergarten, Közép Street Kindergarten, Százszorszép Kindergarten, Sípos Street Kindergarten, Táncsics Mihály Street Kindergarten, Hétszínvirág Kindergarten, Kuruc Street Kindergarten, Lilla Square Primary School, Csapókerti Primary School.


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