“We Are the Champions…”

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From Saturday afternoon through the night, happy people in red and white clothes could be seen in the streets of Debrecen. DVSC-TEVA won the OTP Bank Leauge of football and the city held a real football fiesta! 🙂The team marched  through the season without losing a game – such a series has not happened in Hungary since 1966.
The gold medals were handled by the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the president of OTP Bank Sándor Sányi.

The person of the top scorer of the season was also decided yesterday and we can be proud: player of DVSC, Adamo Coulibaly scored the most goals.

Congrats to him and of course the whole team, and keep it up in the next season and in the Champions’ League!

Photos: Zsolt Czeglédi (MTI)

2 thoughts on ““We Are the Champions…”

  1. I am from world Soccer magazine in England.

    We would like to use some of these pictures. Please who can I get them from?

    1. The photos were taken by a photographer of MTI (Zsolt Czeglédi). Please contact them for the terms of usage.

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