When 22 men fight for the life of a little girl

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The Loki players unite again for charity purposes. This time, in order to help an 8-year old little girl, Tímea Bazsa in the fight for her life.

Tímea is not even 8 but has already gone through lots of painful experience. She faced operations, spine marrow and brain cancers and lots of hurtful examinations. Since the age of 1.5, her life has been about struggle, faith and hope because she too wants to grow up, have exams, have fun with friends. Now, the Loki players and those of the team of Ibrány unite for her sake: they are going to play a match in Ibrány at 6 pm. on 30 May and are going to offer the money raised at the match to the little girl and her family.

Unfortunately, she can’t leave the hospital because she is waiting for bone marrow transplant therefore, she can’t be there. The donor is her 26-year old sister who might save the little girl’s life this way. After the operation, she will need a sterile environment, separate bathroom and toilet and a dust-free flat as her body will be further weakened by the transplant. The football players are going to collect money to help them purchase the needed things. Tickets for adults cost 500 forints.

If you can’t make it to the football match but would like to aid Timea in her struggle you can transfer money to the following account number: 11993001-02325172-10000001. Please write B. Timea in the box. The foundation supporting Timea transfers the entire donation to Timea’s family.

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