Intermodal community center: design phase starts

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The design phase of the construction of the intermodal community center in Debrecen can start. The facility would focus the management of the rail, the long distance and the local public transportation to one place, the Petőfi Square.

Having the final stops of the most important means of public transportation has for long been among the plans. Earlier, problems arose during the design phase but now things seem to have got upright. At the press conference held on 18 May, Deputy Mayor Zoltán Pajna said the following: “Our comprehensive goal is to improve travelling possibilities for those who live in the agglomeration of Debrecen. Since we are a regional, economic, health, cultural, touristic and innovational center, we want this system to be connected by transportation, which would enhance the quality and the accessibility.”

The modification of the tram route, the construction of a new roundabout junction and the building of an underground garage with 600 places are also among the plans. The total cost of the project is 21 billion forints; 80% of this amount would be provided by the EU. If all goes well, the implementation of the plans can start in 2015. Before that, the final plans must be made, a company that will coordinate the project must be established and entrepreneurs who will implement the plans must be found.

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