Debrecen Tribunal sentences machete killer to life imprisonment

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Attila K. premeditatedly, brutally murdered his old and defenseless neighbours in Bodroghalom in January, 2011. The Debrecen Tribunal made its final decision in his case on Tuesday. He will be in prison for the rest of his life.

In his judicial reasoning, Judge Lajos Balla asserted that the perpetrator assaulted two old people who were vulnerable and defenseless due to their age and who knew the perpetrator well therefore did not expect the brutal attack. According to the judge, such a person must be excluded from society forever. Attila K.’s final words were unintelligible.

Attila K. murdered his neighbours with a machete and a baseball bat. The indictment says he visited the old people on a January day in 2011 in order to wish them happy new year. The elderly couple supported him, helped him on a regular basis, sometimes by offering him warm food, other times by lending him money. That day, he found the husband in the boiler room and they started to argue over something. Attila K. went home, drank alcohol, armed himself with a machete and a baseball bat then returned to the old man and murdered him. Staying in another part of the house, the wife didn’t notice what had happened; what’s more, she even started to chat with the killer of her husband when he was leaving. The perpetrator was afraid that the murder would be discovered too early so he killed the wife, too. Then he hid the murder weapons and returned to the house of his victims to stay the night there. He took some valuables to sell them later.

The double murder was discovered a few days after. The neighbours started to wonder why they didn’t see the old couple going around and the daughter of the victims was also worried about her parents’ not answering her calls. The police caught the 38-year old Attila K. in a few hours. They found him in the pigsty, wearing bloody clothes.


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