Renewed Cornea Bank at Ophthalmology Clinic

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The Ophthalmology Clinic in Debrecen helps patients with a renewed cornea bank, up-to-date equipment, in modern environment. 

The Cornea Bank in the eye clinic has been operating on a high level since 1994. The DE OEC Ophthalmology Clinic that is recognized as the national center of cornea transplants has further developed the Cornea Bank that serves the purposes of healing with new, air conditioned laboratories and the most modern equipment. A cornea transplant is needed when certain illnesses make the cornea permanently opaque. In this case, the impaired cornea is replaced with a healthy human donor.

The femstosecond laser machine that has been purchased lately, the new operating rooms and the fully renovated in-patient ward have raised the transplant operations and the patient care in the eye clinic to a 21st century level. “The purpose of the investments made in recent years is to improve the quality of out-patient and in-patient care and to make us able to carry out 50% as many day surgeries as in the past without waiting lists.” – said Director of the Ophthalmology Clinic András Berta at the opening ceremony on 17 May.

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