DKV’s pricey passenger information system ends in garbage bin

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Although they were expensive, none of the digital display screens in the tram stops of Debrecen work properly. They were supposed to show the time the trams arrive to the tram stop but not even the clocks on the screens are punctual.

The 22 digital display screens in the tram stops and the display screen in Petőfi Square were installed in 2006 as a part of an EU programme. The system counted as modern at that time but due to the technical advancement it has become partly obsolete. In 2009, Debrecen won 440 million forints in an EU tender for improving the quality of the public transportation service in the city. This makes it possible to develop the infrastructure, the passenger information system and the traffic management system.

The expected costs of the modernization of the digital display screens in the stops and on the vehicles is around 124 million forints. The 22 display screens in the stops will be replaced by high-brightness LCD screens. In addition, the tram traffic control system will be updated. The new system will show the exact arrival times of the trams on both line 1 and line 2. The modernization procedures will hopefully end this year.


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