Noise map of Debrecen being made

Local News

After Budapest, Debrecen will be the first city to have a noise map. The project costs 99.5 million forints.

The mapping began in March and is financed mostly by the EU. A database presenting the sound level affecting the population in the different areas of Debrecen is being made. While measuring, special attention is given to industrial, road traffic and air traffic noise sources, separately examining day and night periods. Besides this, road traffic counting is being carried out and they also measure the average size and speed of the vehicles on a given road section. The noise map will also show data about the population number in the various parts of the city and will mark schools, hospitals and other institutions.

After the map is finished, professionals will see where reducing the noise level is necessary and they will also have valuable data to be used in future investments. The data obtained are expected to have an influence even on property prices. One of the long-term goals of Debrecen is to lessen the noise level, therefore, after the completion of the noise map, they will develop a plan to achieve that goal.


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