Man tries to rape 69 year old woman (Photo!)

Local News Police

The Crime Department in Debrecen is looking for an unknown perpetrator for reasonable suspicion of attempted rape.

According to the available information, at around 8 pm. on 23 November, 2011 an unknown man of about 50-55 tried to force a 69-year old woman to have sexual intercourse with him. The incident happened on the abandoned area next to the rails in Faraktár Street, Debrecen. Although, the man was using force and was trying to intimidate her, he wasn’t able to carry out his plans.

The police authorities carrying out the investigation have procured the record of a security camera that shows the suspected perpetrator. If you recognize him or happen to see him, please notify the police on emergency number 112 or in 4 Budai Ézsaiás Street, Debrecen.

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