World War II. commemoration and garlanding in Debrecen

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The World War II. battles on the European theatres of war ceased 67 years ago. On 9 May, the local government of Debrecen held a commemoration and garlanding on this occasion.

Germany laid down the arms on 8 May, 67 years ago. Approximately 50 million people lost their lives in World War II., around 27 million Soviet soldiers among them. The local government of Debrecen commemorated them and the end of the war in the European theaters of war by holding ralanding in several points of the city: in Medgeyessy-sétány, at the World War II. Memorial at 10 am., then in the public cemetery, at the memorial of the Russian heroes at 10.45 am. and finally in Bocskai Square, at the memorial of the Romanian heroes.

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