Man burgles 30 houses in Debrecen before getting caught

Local News Police

The 26-year old man is accused of looting 30 houses in Debrecen. He was caught by the Hortobágy action service and was found to have former convictions. He is already in pre-trial detention.

Major Zoltán Muszka reported at a press conference that the suspect took valuables of 25.5 million forints – mainly gold and cash – from the houses and caused more than 1.8 million forints of damage during the intrusions. In each case, the perpetrator entered the building from the rear terrace. The police are collecting information in the surrounding settlements too because the perpetrator may have been active in those areas, too. In Debrecen, the first burglary of this kind happened on 6 November, 2011 and the last one on 18 April this year. The major said that the suspect was not cooperative, he complained about being accused and that stolen artifacts of only 1-2 million forints had been discovered so far. However, the shoes the prints of which were identified around all the 30 burgled houses have been found.

Source: MTI

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