Colours Festival – an event in favour of multiculturalism in Hungary

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Out of the 27 member states of the European Union, Hungary has the most negative view of immigrants. The aim of the Colours Festival is to change this.

On the second weekend of May the Colours Festival is moving to Debrecen. It is a cultural event that is centered on immigration and integration and is a unique series of event in Hungary. It introduces the emigrants, involving the emigrants themselves. The goal is to present the largest immigrant groups living in Hungary (third country citizens, peoples from the Far and the Middle East, Africans, peoples from the Balkans and those arriving from the area of the former Soviet Union) through their own cultures. The films to be shown at the festival are about the encounters of people having different cultural backgrounds and are in favour of multiculturalism and peaceful coexistence.

The first day of the festival weekend focuses on the different areas of integration (eg. education and employment issues) through films and discussion while on the second day, the situation of women comes to the fore: those living alone or in families, mothers, wives, breadwinners who play a major role in the process of integration.  The project creates a possibility for the participants of different origins to talk to each other, to be enriched with new, shared experiences, information, desires and values. The cultural and entertainment programmes are designed to help the audience form new connections and start thinking in a similar way while having fun together.

Location: Apollo Cinema

12 May

2 pm.: Allah minden napján szaladnak a lovak

4 pm.: Entre Les Murs

7 pm.: Sukkar Banat

13 May

2 pm.: Megane

4 pm.: Auf der Anderen Seite

7 pm.: The Visitor


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