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There are about 590,000 registered unemployed people in Hungary. This bad situation could be improved by setting out a complex strategy. Reforming the tax system (so that it would favour individual enterpreneurs) would be only one element of this process. Among other issues, this was one of the topics of last week’s Social Discussion Workshop conference organized in Debrecen.
As the results of the most recent researches show, too many of that almost 600,000 unemployed have university degrees.  The solution could be the creation of new workplaces but it would require a safer environment of national enterprises. However, today’s market economy is no the same as the free competition capitalism of the 19th century; the state plays an active part in economy.  As the economist László Herczog told, the state makes rules, but to follow these rules, national co-operation is needed.

Local communities have an important role in this social close-up because countryside unemployment results in the depopulation of villages. So far, this problem has been intetnded to be solved with the help of tenders but these did not always accomplished their purposes. According to professionals, the solution could be a kind of supporting network that helps to find those activities which could be made marketable. (For example, supporting local folklore treasures could be such a thing.)

Among others, there was also a discussion about the reformation of the community work system which was a step made by political forces. As the professionals agreed, it has not  reached the expected results.

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