Yankee cars and country music – A bit of America in Debrecen (Photos, video!)

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Numerous Yankee cars and country music created real American atmosphere in Debrecen on 5 May. Focusing on the cars and families, the American Car Meeting was organized for the 8th time in the city.

Lots of exhibitors and interested ones were present at the event and they took photos of the beautiful automobiles enthusiastically. “We wanted to create an atmosphere in which those who are interested in the American culture and the special-shaped vehicles can have fun. In these cars you can experience the feeling of freedom, they are manufactured to serve people. There, cars are like water here – they need them so those cars are much more comfortable than European automobiles.” – explained László Szuhanics, organizer of the event. He added that at the exhibition, interested ones could see cars produced in the period between the 1960’s and the present day. On the average, they consume 13-15 liters of fuel when used in a city.

Source: haon.hu


Photos: Garf (v8cars.hu)

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