Residents at Klinika are not left on their own

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According to Béla Fülesdi, Head of the health professional college of the Ministry of National Resources it is not the training system but the organization of financing and care giving in the individual hospital that can be held liable if a resident is sent to see patients without the supervision of a specialist.

A survey made by the vice president of the Hungarian Association of Residents revealed that 10% of the trainee anesthesiologists are on duty while there is no specialist in intensive care available in the hospital so the residents often find themselves in the situation that they have to attend patients in critical conditions alone. The result of the survey was presented at a convention in Siófok.

The president of the professional college who was also present at the convention said that he wasn’t aware of this problem since at the Debrecen clinic led by him such thing can never happen. According to him, if this occurs at some places that “cries for change and confirms the need for restructuring the health.” He also emphasized the fact the trainee anesthesiologists have no individual responsibility.

He stressed that the health professional college is trying to ensure that the residents can work among safe conditions but they do not have the authority to check if the institutions comply with the rules. Earlier, Dóra Varga, Vice President of the Hungarian Association of Residents said to MTI that even the heads of the health professional college know that in Hungary, it is not feasible to have a specialist in each and every operating room. At the same time, she called it shocking that 6% of the survey respondents perform general anesthesia without ever being monitored and assisted by a specialist.


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