Violent burglars get caught

Local News Police

On 2 April, 2012, the two (43 and 43-year old) suspected perpetrators made their way into the Debrecen premises of a company trading car parts in order to put their hands on the money kept in a safe in the building.

While one of them was trying to lever the safe open, the other one went to the security guard in the adjacent building and started to assault him with power transmission cables in order to prevent him from calling for help. Although the security guard fell down and got injured, the perpetrator continued to hit him but the guard managed to escape to the courtyard and shouted for help several times. Intimidated by this, the burglars left the money and the injured security guard behind and fled the scene.

The detectives of the Burglary Subdivision managed to identify the perpetrators within a short time then took measures to catch them. The perpetrators had already been wanted for committing other crimes. It was found that they had attempted the burglary even before but the security guard thwarted their efforts that time, too. One of them has already been arrested, the other one is in custody at the moment.

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