Smuggler jumps out of car to escape NAV officers

Local News

A Ukrainian man tried to escape from NAV officers with 28 million forints of smuggled cigarette near Vásárosnamény.

The officers wanted to check a Fiat Ducato with a Hungarian license number on it on highway 41. However, the driver didn’t stop at the officers’ signal but drove on towards Vásárosnamény and the NAV associates started to chase him. After a while, the driver of the Fiat stopped suddenly, jumped out of the car and started to run from the officers who were after him. They caught him after about 200 meters and led him back to his car. It turned out just then, why he was in such a hurry: 45 thousand packets of cigarettes were found in the Fiat.

The officers seized the cigarette worth 28 million forints and started proceedings against the Ukrainian man.

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