Tiny caps for tiny heads – help comes even from America

Local News

Due to the enthusiastic work and cooperation of around 80 people from all over the country and even Arkansas, USA, the nurses of DE OEC will be able to give the premature babies in their care tiny caps, socks and gloves.

The campaign that started a few weeks ago ended these days. Around 80 people participated in it but not all of them knitted or crocheted little pieces of clothing: some helped with donating knitting and crocheting needles and yarn, some volunteered in delivering the items of clothing and some simply encouraged their friends who could knit or crochet. The result: about 250 caps, 50 pairs of socks and gloves produced in a few weeks. Packages arrived from all over the country. Arkansas, USA holds the distance record; there, the female members of a congregation decided to grab knitting and crocheting needles to help the babies taken care of in DE OEC. The pieces of clothing are going to be handed over to DE OEC at 4 pm., 2 May, 2012 in the library of the Institute of Pediatrics.

Photos: marcipanfoto.hu

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