Breakfast served for bikers in Debrecen

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On Tuesday morning, breakfast was served for those who participated in the campaign called „Go to work by bike!” (BAM!) and cycled to their workplaces. Among other things, bread products and fruit juices were offered to the bikers.

This year, the traditional “bikers’ breakfast” was held in more places than ever before due to the support of the local governments and other sponsors. Guests from the local governments or organizations of several European cities also joined the breakfast distribution.

Since the BAM! campaign started on 11 April, the number of registered participants has risen to over 5.200. Cycling more than 378.000 km, these bikers have protected the Earth from 70.000 kg of carbon-dioxide.

The main message of BAM! for employers and businesses this year is that they should do whatever they can to ensure that more and more employees can go to work by bike. Therefore a special competition has been announced for them; currently 1910 companies are taking part in it.

Source: MTI

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