Representatives of business share their experiences with students of Team Academy

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Successful businesmen shared their professional experiences with Team Academy students of the Agrarian Center.

The visit of Theresa Alfaro Daytner, chief of the american Daytner Group Construction proves that the new system has raised interests even in the States. She has been elected by the American Fortune as one of the most successful businesswomen. Daytner Group Construction is her third enterprise, which functions also when she is on holiday. She was advising every one to trust themselves, concentrate on solutions instead of problems, and to be brave enough and do something great.

According to Abdullah Ahmed from the United Arab Emirates, Debrecen offers excellent investigational opportunities not only because of its history and culture, but also due to its high standard of education. In his opinion, the first thing that should be changed in Hungary is that every one should use English as a second language, this way students could more easily find their ways in an international environment.

Team Academy is a modern and innovative way of learning for students who are interested in business. Based on Finnish example, the first group was started in 2010 in Debrecen, for the first time in Hungary. Its basic principle is that all knowledge needed in business life can be gained most effectively by practice.


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