Watch out, drivers! TISPOL checks on speed

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A SPEED enforcement operation, co-ordinated by TISPOL and supported across Europe, continues this week (17-19 April). The operation involves both static speed detection and vehicles controlled by police officers.Below you can read the words of TISPOL President Pasi Kemppainen: “Driving too fast for the road or weather conditions is the single biggest factor in fatal crashes, followed by drink driving and failure to wear seat belts. TISPOL regularly targets all three as part of its commitment to casualty reduction.

    “Police enforcement of speed limits saves lives. It is estimated that full compliance with speed limits would save 5,800 lives a year on Europe’s roads. That is why we fully support an ongoing programme of ‘anywhere, anytime’ speed enforcement. This, combined with an effective education programme, provides the most effective deterrent for drivers.”


This weekend’s check, of course, does not only deals with speed limits but also the presence of  required equipment and certificates and following of all traffic rules.
So pay attention to speed limits and never forget to fasten your seat belts! 🙂

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