Court of Appeal starts hearing brutal murder case

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Led by Dr. Lajos Balla, the criminal council at the Debrecen Court of Appeal started hearing the case of Csaba K. who brutally murdered a couple for gain. He finished the victims’ puppy, too.

Csaba K. killed the elderly man and woman because he was unable to pay back the money he owed to them. He beat them up with a shovel handle then slit their throats with a knife. The first instance court sentenced him to life imprisonment without parole and on Tuesday, the advocate of the perpetrator pleaded for modifying the sentence to life imprisonment, arguing that the murder hadn’t been committed with cruelty since the murderer killed his victims quickly.

According to the indictment, Csaba K. had been sentenced to 1.5 years in prison before. After he left prison he wasn’t able to find a job and he was battling with constant financial pressure and was indebted to others all the time. On 15 June, 2009 he called on the elderly couple to ask for more respite but the 79 year old man refused him and sent him out of the house. The intoxicated, enraged perpetrator grabbed a shovel and beat the couple with its handle then cut their throats with a knife. Hoping that he would find the couple’s pension, he started to search their house but was interrupted by a puppy that was barking continually and killed the animal by his bare hands. Eventually, he found a mobile phone and some objects of lower value only. He was caught in a backwater area after days of hiding. The final sentence is expected next Wednesday.



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