Temporary lack of water in Debrecen

Local News

The Debreceni Vízmű Zrt. informs the citizens of Debrecen that it going to clean the water supply system in Debrecen at night (10 pm. – 4 am.) on 16 April-25 May.

It’s necessary to clean the pipes from the manganese and the iron deposited from the water. Pressure drop, temporary lack of water, turbidity might occur in the affected districts.

On 16 April, the cleaning works are going to be done in the following districts:

Group 1: Böszörményi Str, Honvédtemető Str, Hősök útja, Bölcs Str, Csörsz Str, Vendég Str and their vicinity,

Group 2: Hajnal Str, Csengő Str, Alkotmány Str, Munkácsy Mihály Str, Baross Str, Attila Square and their vicinity.

Source: maxfm.hu

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