Gangsters, national parks and Silicon Valley

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The American Corner has all these and more for you this week!

April 17, Tuesday, 6 pm.

Gangsters, Private Eyes, Low-Lifes – Film Noir

Following the English Conversation Club (taking place every Tuesday from 5 pm) the guest of the American Corner will be Todd Berliner, film professor from North Carolina, Fulbright grantee in Budapest. Listen to his talk if you are a movie junkie or if you would like to know more about film studies and the movie industry in the U.S.

April 18, Wednesday, 3 pm.

Essay Writing Workshop – THE LAST ONE

Have you been postponing attending events like this one? “I will go next time, I need to do something else now…” Then you get on Facebook or watch 14 episodes of your favorite series?

Think twice! This is the last time Robin Whitford, Fulbright Teaching Assistant offers a workshop in Debrecen that improves your writing skills. Learn from a native speaker who has a degree in communication. For free.

Register now at


April 18, Wednesday, 5 pm.

National Parks in the U.S.

Everyone has heard of Yellowstone Park. Or at least Jellystone Park where Yogi Bear lives. But do you know that the States have over 50 parks? Why are they important? What are their specialties?

Our speaker, Bence Nagy is a high school student who visited 10 national parks in Utah, Arizona, California, Hawaii and Nevada and he will tell us about his impressions in 30 minutes.


April 19, Thursday, 5 pm.

Read, Enjoy and Discover

Join the topic-oriented discussion after reading the following article:

The Ruthless Overlords Of Silicon Valley    

The discussion will be led by a native speaker. All are welcome.

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