Underground tram stop in Debrecen?

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The local government of Debrecen is considering changing the route of Tram 1. Instead of the Aquaticum the trams would stop at the sport stadium. The change would make the tram route nearly 2 kilometres longer. The Debreceni Regionális Közlekedési Egyesület (“Debrecen Regional Transport Association”) was shocked by the proposal.

The local government named two reasons for the change. One is that once the spa is renewed they would build a broadwalk in the place of the rails in that area and, according to the municipality, the construction of the Great Forest Stadium is another reason for the relocation of the rails. Building an underground tram stop near the stadium is also considered as an option but as Deputy Mayor Zoltán Pajna said it’s nothing but an option until the definite plans are made.

According to the Debreceni Regionális Közlekedési Egyesület the plans are unreasonable since only a few people will go to the stadium when there is no event there. The longer line would have higher maintenance costs and the travel time would grow by 15% for thousands of passengers each day. Changing the rails in some sections and buying 11 new trams are also among the plans.

Source: hajdupress.hu

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