St. George’s Day driving out and National Bio Fair at Hortobágy

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Although it is a half an hour drive from us, most inhabitants of Debrecen could not imagine how many new programmes have been initiated at the Hortobágy in recent times.

 To mention just a few: Puszta Safari, narrow gauge railway around the fish pond, bird park, an inn museum, birdwatching and night stars tours are all awaiting those interested in natural and cultural values. In spring, life shakes up at the Hortobágy as well: the strokes come back, the shepherds put on their cloaks and drive the stock out to the grazing ground. The St. George’s Day Driving out opens a series of programmes related to the shepherd year. This year it will take place on 28 April when the shepherds gather at the market place in Hortobágy, engrave the numbers of animals into wood and drive them out to the pastures of the Puszta.

The traditional spring celebration program is organised together with the National Bio Fair to give a possibility for the visitors to enjoy the wonderful sight of the animals and the shepherds and at the same time, provide them with the wide choice of organic products from all regions of the country. An organic meal cooking competition and craftsmen’s street will contribute to the special atmosphere of the fair.

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