Successful American businesswoman to share her secrets in Debrecen

Local News

One of America’s 10 most successful business women is going to be the guest of the American Corner in Debrecen on Wednesday.

During her Hungarian visit, Theresa Alfaro Daytner, general manager of Daytner Construction Group (DCG) and a mother of 5 is going to dive a talk entitled “Empowering Women Through Business” in Debrecen, too. Mrs. Daytner graduated from the University of Maryland as a bookkeeper in 1989, after her first child was born. During her career, she has “played many roles”: that of chief executive officer, chief financial officer, saleswoman, business consultant etc.

Daytner received the title of “Entrepreneur of the Year” from the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce in 1996, then in 2010, the Fortune magazine ranked her among the “10 most influential business women” and in 2011, her company was given the title of “the 5. fastest-growing business woman-led company”. She lives in Maryland with her husband and four younger children; her hobbies are triathlon, reading and travelling.

From where she gets the time and energy for all this and why it is important for women to dare to do business and lead, she will tell in her talk in the American Corner. Attending the one-hour long, English language talk is free.


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