More TV people than swimmers at 2012 European Aquatics Championship in Debrecen

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The organizers are going to build grandstands around the pools, too so that they can provide as many seats for the audience as possible during the 2012 European Aquatics Championship in Debrecen.

As a part of the preparations for the championship to be held on 21-27 May in Debrecen, the representatives of the more prominent foreign companies planning to cover the event met the representatives of MTV, LED and the organising committee. They agreed that the organizers would build grandstands around the pools as well which will be designated for the athletes and the media.

The representatives of the TV crews assessed the coverage areas. ARD reserved one corner of the swimming pool and they are going to build a studio. The Germans are going to come with a “mammoth team” of 65 people. The number of the television delegation will be bigger than that of the 45-member Hungarian swimming team, doctors, coaches, masseurs included.


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