“Lungs” of Debrecen full of garbage

Local News

When walking in the Great Forest, how dire it is to see that the awakening nature has to struggle not only with this early spring dryness but also with disassembled computers and other illegal garbage.

On Sunday afternoon, a dozen of disassembled, smashed computers were an eyesore behind Augusta, a few meters from the fence and the air was full with the smell of burnt plastic. The director of Debreceni Erdészet (“Debrecen Forestry”) said that they collect and remove hundreds of cubic meters of illegal garbage from the area under their authority (9500 hectares). Over the past years, the forestry spent 3 millions of forints on this while most of this money could have been used to buy benches or forest playthings.

György Fekete stressed the negative effect of the garbage on the animals. “Suffice it to say that if neylon or twine sticks on the antlers of a game, the burden can only be taken off if the animal is shot with a stun bullet.” The task of the forestry isn’t the removal of the illegal garbage; this is why they readily support community initiatives that help with this work. The responsibility of the individual is also very important: no one should “forget” even small garbage in the forest during a walk or a trip.

Source: haon.hu

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