New deadlines for tram 2 constructions

Local News

The municipality of Debrecen was granted a guarantee that the consortium entrusted with building the track of tram 2 would finish the constructions before the end of 2012 and that of the depot buildings by the spring of 2013.

On 21 March, 2012 the municipality of Debrecen sat down to negotiate with the contractors (Arcadom Zrt., Keviép Kft., Tóth-TD Kft.) in connection with the building project of tram 2 again. The discussions revealed that the consortium would be able to finish the task they had undertaken but not by the original deadline of 31 May, 2012. Therefore, the parties initiated the modification of the contract. The new deadline for the construction of the rails is the middle of December, 2012 and for the building of the storage facilities is the end of March, 2013. Arcadom Zrt. declared that they had negotiated and agreed with most of their subcontractors about the unpaid bills and the date of settling payment issues. The municipality of Debrecen announced that they would do whatever it takes to ensure that the subcontractors participating in the constructions would receive their legitimate claims from the consortium.

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