Travel Expo in Debrecen

Local News

Debrecen’s annual travel expo is organized this weekend, from Friday to Sunday. The event is held in Kölcsey Center, as usual. The press conference of the expo also saw the introduction of the new image of the Debrecen-Hortobágy tourist region. This year’s “special guest” of inland tourism is the Western Dunántúl region. Among the 92 exhibitors you can find travel agencies, online offices, representatives of other regions and countries, hotels, spas, as well as local governments.

The traditional accompanying programmes (village mansion, children’s playground, free sightseeing walk) will also be organized.

The number of this years’s travel expo is 2 because it’s the 22th occassion. That’s why the entrance fee will be 200 HUF for everyone, and the exhibitors will draw gift baskets and other prizes in every second hours. Travel vouchers and one airline ticket per day also will be drawn.

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