Debrecen for Down’s patients

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21 March is the World Down Syndrome Day. The Angyalszív Down Alapítvány (a foundation for Down’s patients) is trying to involve different social groups into celebrating this day in Debrecen.

The UN has invited its Member States, international organizations, the civil society and the private sector to follow with attention the events of the World Down Syndrome Day and to actively participate in the shaping of the social consciousness. The recognition on the world day is a major step forward for Down’s patients, their families and the civil organizations protecting their interests. In Debrecen, the world day has been celebrated since 2009.


9 am: “Sympathy walk” for Down’s patients; starting point: University of Debrecen

10 am: Forum: performances by various institutions; Thai-boxing demonstration of a Down’s patient

11 am: “+21” – Down’s Syndrome exhibition

12 pm: Releasing balloons in various points of the city

3-5 pm: Playhouse for children in Csokonai Theater

6 pm: Mass for Down’s patients in St. Anne’s Cathedral

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