Sunday bike tour free to join

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Two local organizations (“Gombfoci Sajtóklub” and “Debreceni Képeslapok”) continues to organize public and free bike tours around Debrecen. The next occassion is this Sunday, anyone with a bike can join 🙂 The destination of this Sunday’s tour is the tavern in Haláp (“Halápi Csárda”) and the fishing lake at Hármashegy. At the “stations” of the tour the participants can listen to  presentation on the sights of the place.

The assembly is in front of Főnix Hall on Sunday at 12:45, departure is at 1:00 pm.
Further places to join the tour are the crossing of Budai Nagy Antal Street and Vámospércsi Way at 1:15 pm., and the Tavern at 2:00 pm.

Return from Hármashegy: 6:00 pm. (the latest).

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