Hoist the flag and count the storks – Programmes for the long weekend

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March marks not only the arrival of spring and the revival of nature but also reminds Hungarians of one of the nation’s most important historical events. The Hungarian Revolution of 1848 that broke out on 15th March grew into a war for independence from the Austrian Empire and since then has become the symbolic event of Hungarian independence. 

15th March is one of Hungary’s three national holidays when people hoist the national flag and pin up a cockade to commemorate those who sacrificed their lives to the nation’s independence. This year the national holiday is a four-day long holiday that is a good occasion for everyone not only to commemorate but also to go on a trip or visit a cultural event. Those who would like to commemorate can join the torchlight procession on 14th March, or participate in the official ceremonies in the morning of 15th March. The rest of the holiday offers many programme opportunities in the city and its surroundings as well. In Debrecen all programmes centre on the national holiday and the Spring Festival, while in Hortobágy springtime is welcome with programmes related to the return of storks.




14th March, Wednesday

18:30 Torchlight procession

Venue: Egyetem Square – Déri Square


15th March, Thursday

9:30 Commemorative and wreath-laying ceremony

Venue: Petőfi Square

10:30 Commemorative and wreath-laying ceremony

Venue: Kossuth Square

15:00 ”Hungary is my land” – national holiday with the Motolla

Venue: Homokkerti Közösségi Ház

16:00 Hungarian barn dance

Venue: Ifjúsági Ház

21:00 Illegal Revolucion with Hungarian rock bands

Performance by: Kowalsky meg a Vega, Ocho Macho, A Nyughatatlan

Venue: Lovarda


15-17th March, Thursday – Saturday

Springtime – the return of storks

Venue: Hortobágy


15-18th March, Thursday – Sunday

The hidden treasures of the Zoo – exhibition

Opening day of the Amusement Park with discounts

Venue: Nagyerdei Kultúrpark


15-18th March, Thursday – Sunday

Debrecen Spring Festival – French Film Days

Venue: Apolló Mozi


16th March, Friday

”Debrecen costumes” exhibition – Nostalgia photography

Venue: Tímárház


20:00 Blues Rockets / Ebola Fakó concert

Venue: Ifjúsági Ház


17th March, Saturday


18:00-20:30 Disco on ice

Venue: Debrecen Jégcsarnok


20:00 Artézis concert

Venue: Romkert Kávézó


21:00 Rock party

Venue: ÚjInkognitó Bár


18th March, Sunday


10:00 Debrecen Spring Festival – Puppet-theatrical performance

Venue: Vojtina Bábszínház


14:30 and 15:30 Zumba

Venue: Aquaticum Mediterrán Élményfürdő

17:00 Debrecen Spring Festival – Sunday music with the cello group of the Faculty of Music

Venue: Kölcsey Központ


Further information about the programmes (in Hungarian) at:



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