Drivers without seatbelt beware

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TISPOL European Operation Seatbelt road safety checks are to be carried out on 13 and 14 March. The checks will focus mainly on the usage of passive safety devices, especially those of seat belts and child restraints.

Unfortunately, the rate of seat belt usage in Hungary is still low and should be increased at least to the European average of 90 % in the near future. Passive safety devices play a very significant role in the prevention of fatal injuries. The further spread and/or enforcement of seat belt and child restraint usage are essential for decreasing the number of those who die in accidents and the severity of injuries. The aims of the checks are the prevention of traffic accidents, strengthening the law-abiding behavior of the drivers, spotting offenders endangering road safety, reducing the number of major accidents. The authorities will check the drivers’ documents, the technical conditions of the vehicles and loads, too.

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