Tiny caps for tiny heads – Campaign for premature babies

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DE OEC started a campaign for those premature babies who are gaining strength in Klinika. Especially mothers and grandmothers have been called on to help by knitting or crocheting caps and socks for the littlies.

Since these babies are very small, it’s difficult to find caps and socks in their size for them. To solve this problem, DE OEC started a campaign and asked for help from mothers and grandmothers who can knit or crochet. The volunteers should be able to provide themselves with yarn, knitting-pins and other necessary tools, too. The babies have highly sensitive skin therefore materials made of natural components are advisable to be used.

Klinika appreciates every contribution but caps are particularly important since it is through their heads that the little ones get cold the most easily. If you think you would be able to help, please write an e-mail to czibere.aniko@civishir.hu Don’t forget that you can help by simply circulating the news of the campaign or offering yarn or other materials, too.

Source: civishir.hu

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