Problems around the construction work of the second tramline

Local News

Below you can read the declaration of the local government on the construction works of the second tramline.  At this moment, the most important investment of Debrecen is the construction of tramline no. 2. Concerning its importance, the local government tries to solve the problems arisen during the execution as effectively as possible.

The local government is aware of the conflicts arisen among the members of the constructors’ consortium. But the city of Debrecen has made a contract with the consortium that totally defends and guarantees the rights and interests of the the city. It means that egardless of the outcome of all these hassles within the consortium, the city of Debrecen will not suffer any economic damage.

Despite that they have not taken part in determining the conditions of the contracts between the main contractor and the subcontractors, the local government intends to defend not only the interests of the city but also that of the subcontractors. So the city is negotiating with the main contractor to help with the satisfaction of the demands of the subcontractors.

The local government hopes that these negotiations will be fruitful and the parties will find a solution soon so that the construction works can be continued.

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