More smugglers, more success

Local News

Over the last year, the number of fuel smugglers in the Northern Great Plain region has grown significantly. Despite this fact, the activity of NAV in 2011 can be considered successful.

The NAV officers checked hundreds of places of commerce and entertainment last autumn. On average, they had to impose fines of 92 thousand HUF. The revenue of the customs authorities in the Northern Great Plain area reached 38 million HUF last year. The officers carried out 17 thousand checks and they were busy especially near the Ukrainian-Hungarian border where they detected almost 500 infringements. There were fewer cases related to cigarette smuggling but the number of those in connection with alcohol and fuel smuggling has increased.

The most important change in 2011 was the coordination of previously separate organizations. Due to the cooperation of the tax, customs and criminal authorities, over 2000 prosecutions started in the region. NAV is planning to further increase the level of the cooperation among the above mentioned authorities and to catch even more fraudsters in 2012.

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