Fugitive leader of the “Black Army” sends letter to court

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The case of the infamous Fekete Hadsereg (“Black Army”) is in court already. First degree defendant Róbert Magyar is still on the run.

On the Tuesday session, Judge Lajos Balla presented a letter that was sent to the judicial council by Róbert Magyar and was delivered by his mother. He wrote that his companions had testified against him for selfish reasons and that they hadn’t told the jury the truth about the organization. He didn’t write about his whereabouts but he gave a reason for his escape: he believed the court was biased against him and he was afraid of getting a severe punishment. The Attorney General of Appeal indicated he wouldn’t modify his pleading because of the letter.

Among other things, attempted murder, blackmailing, fraud, firearms and ammunition abuse are on the “repertoire” on the criminal organization. The first instance court sentenced the leader of the organization to life imprisonment and his 28 companions to 5-15 years in prison. The trial continues in Debrecen, in the presence of a SWAT team and with extraordinary security measures.

Source: MTI

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