DAB holds annual meeting on Wednesday

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At the annual meeting held on Wednesday, President István Bitskey said that MTA DAB hoped for autonomy and wished to continue their high quality scientific work even with centrally provided management.

István Bitskey pointed out that the financial autonomy of the six regional committees ceased this year, the distribution of resources provided for operation is now done centrally. He added that last year they managed a budget of 51 million forints and all of it was spent on the operation of DAB. He also expressed his hope that this change in the financing won’t have a negative impact on the professional work in DAB.

Vice President Dénes Dudits said: “I hope that the new management will improve the efficiency of our scientific work and that it’s not merely a gesture of saving shown towards the government.” He added that he had accepted the decision made by the majority last year yet, he urged the regional committees to try to find possibilities for economic maneuver.

The Debrecen regional committee organized 189 events and supported 27 scientific publications with a total of 1.6 million forints. István Bitskey highlighted the fact that with 32 academicians and 7 Eötvös-laureate doctors MTA DAB has the first place among the regional committees. In connection with the plans for this year, he said that they would like to continue the “joint thinking” with the municipalities of the settlements in the Northern Great Plane region, economic centers and institutions of higher educations.

Source: MTI

Photo by Zsolt Czeglédi

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