Yesterday’s bomb threat didn’t scare Secretary of State

Local News University

The search lasted for hours but no explosive device was found. The bomb threat didn’t disturb Rózsa Hoffmann’s programme.

The police evacuated the building, and started to search for explosives with the help of experts and detection dogs. The 5-hour search ended late at night and without the discovery of any explosives. The threatening e-mail arrived to the editorial office of the Hajdú-Bihari Napló, just like on 9 February when the train station and the bus station were threatened. The unknown sender wrote that there was a bomb in the main building and it would explode at 5 pm.

The main building was the 4. station of a series of forums during which Rózsa Hoffman Secretary of State gives talks in connection with the higher education admission ranges which are highly disputed since they reduced the government-financed places dramatically. Ádám Szöőr communicational manager said that the bomb threat didn’t affect Rózsa Hoffman’s programme.

Source: MTI


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