Rózsa Hoffmann: admission ranges might change

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On 21 February,Tuesday, the Ministry of National Resources held an open day at the University of Debrecen. The goal was to help students in responsible decision-making.

Rózsa Hoffman Secretary of State for Education said at the event that it was possible that the recently fixed admission ranges would change in September, depending on the entrance exam results. “We have to wait for the entrance exam results and if they reflect disproportion or if many places will be left empty in the higher education, we will surely perform those corrections that will best serve the future of the students and of Hungary.” – she explained.

She also said that the termination of the government-financed places doesn’t mean the termination of the training itself. She emphasized again that those fee-paying students of law who start working in the field of the national administration after graduating would be paid back. The Secretary of State had an audience of about 150 people. She tried to reassure them with the following words: “No worries, the high school teachers are in control of the situation and there’s modest interest for the forums.”

Source: dehir.hu

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