Relics of farming in the Agricultural Centre

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From March, students of the Agricultural Center of the University of Debrecen can see artifacts of peasant farming. János Nagy (President of the Center) and Lajos Lakner (director of Déri Museum) have signed an agreement which includes a permanent display.

The cooperation of the two institutions aims to involve the knowledge accumulated in the museum into university education and to bring the museum closer to the students either as source of knowledge, or as a cultural institute.

The agricultural education has been present in Debrecen for more than 140 years and according to the president, that is why maintaining traditions is very important. Students should see and know the tools and technical solutions of early farming.

The university provides space for the permanent exhibition and the co-workers of the museum will contribute in setting up the display.
Besides these, the museum also offers the possibility to publish for university teachers and students.

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