Loki players to donate to children with cancer and leukemia

Local News

The Remény a Leukémiás Gyermekekért Alapítvány (a foundation for children with leukemia) and the Loki players are going to give 700.000 forints’ worth of donations to DE OEC Department of Pediatrics on 16 February.

The money that was raised partly by Loki fans will be spent on 42 biopsy needles used for treating children with cancer.  A biopsy needle is a disposable device used to take bone marrow samples from children with cancer or leukemia. The needle penetrates the bone, reaches the bone marrow and the samples taken in this way provide lots of valuable pieces of information to the doctors. The 42 needles will be enough for 6-8 months.

In addition, the above mentioned foundation is going to hand over a special game set used by psychologists. The game can be considered a diagnostic and therapeutic method used to get to know children’s personality. It’s a constructive game in which a child can build his own world and that world reveals the sources of happiness, the quality of family relationships, fears, desires, anxiety and trauma. Its value is about 250.000 forints.

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