Student jokes about blowing train station up

Local News Police

On Saturday, at around 9.30 am an unknown person called the fire department saying that “there is a bomb at the train station in Debrecen and it’s going to explode”.

Following this announcement, the police hurried to the train station with great forces, evacuated the building and started to search for the bomb. The search lasted for about 1.5 hours, influenced the schedules of 15 trains and affected around 180 passengers. No explosive device was found. The police started an investigation to reveal the identity of the perpetrator and later that day, they found the mobile phone from which the call was made in a house in Hajdúhadház. The owner is a 16 year old student who admitted that he was the one who made the bomb threat but he couldn’t explain his actions. At the interrogation, he said he meant the whole thing as a joke. The estimated sum of the damage he caused with his “joke” is more than 10 million forints and the young perpetrator might get up to 3 years in penitentiary.

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