First Wizz Air flight to go to London in summer

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On 13 February, Wizz Air, the biggest East-Central European discount airline announced that they were going to launch flights from Debrecen to London, Luton from 18 June, 2012.

Lajos Kósa said at the press conference held on 13 February that Debrecen had negotiations with Wizz Air four years ago as well but at that time, the airline didn’t consider the market ready and rejected the city politely. Now, however, the present development level of the city persuaded Wizz Air that it’s worth starting flights from here.

Both Wizz Air and the local government of Debrecen are convinced that the new flights will boost tourism in the Eastern part of Hungary, especially in Debrecen and its vicinity. According to plans, nearly 50.000 people will travel on these flights in the first year. In order that more and more people should take a liking to flying, Wizz Air is planning to spend 500 million forints on expansions and improvements. The flights to London will create 15-20 new jobs at the airport.

The mayor expressed his hopes that, among other things, dental tourism will pick up in Debrecen with the new flights. “It’s possible to pass the time very pleasantly during a treatment here and our expertise cannot be questioned by anyone, what’s more, Hungary is well-known for this.” Both the university and the big companies urged the development of the airport in Debrecen because air connections are sorely needed from the economic point of view. According to the mayor, the foreign students play an important role in the economy of the city: they equal the presence of a multi company.

József Váradi, general manager of Wizz Air said at the press conference that they intended to make flying a real experience for passengers. He added that they would like to meet the travel demands of the youth in Debrecen. “Wizz Air brings the thrill of flying to Debrecen for the best prices. Those living in Eastern  Hungary will no longer have to travel hours to the airport in the capital, they will be able to go to London directly from Debrecen.”

At first, flights are going to go to Luton three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and they are going to come back to Debrecen on the same days. But the company is planning to reach other destinations from Debrecen in the future. The schedule above will be valid all year round. From now on, you can book one-way tickets to London, Luton for 9.900 HUF at

Photo by Zsolt Czeglédi, MTI


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